Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We baked a cake

And it wasn't any one's birthday. Simon, my little baker, bakes some sort of sweet treat once a week - more often if I'm willing to be the assistant baker. Last week, we made chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread planes. We didn't get to each many of the planes because the dog got them. That was a sad moment.

This is the UFO of the week. It will be complete by Saturday... I have a goal this summer to finish up or move them on to someone who might want to finish them. I have sent some to goodwill. I have actually finished a few. BUT this one...I'm going to finish and put by the back door or by the kitchen sink. THEN I'm starting a new quilting project!

This little guy is growing his legs. No frog hunting today - it's raining again.

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june at noon said...

That's quite a cake. Now I'm hungry.