Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm on fire

The Christmas 2010 quilt is now complete.

What else do I need to finish.....


It's done! I finished the crocheted border this morning. Even better, I still like it! I'm feeling a bit a loose ends though because this was my one "long-term" project. Now I'm a knitting single again. Well....I do have several other projects to finish, so I guess it's back to serial (knitting) monogamy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I vaguely remember Kal telling me last night that our school district was going to be closed today. This morning, around 3:45 to be precise, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I was worrying about money, our budget, the state budget....

I was up so I checked my email and the superintendent had sent an email stating the district would be closed. Ok...Then I wasted time playing frog pond and solitaire. When Kal got up at 5:30, we discussed who was going to stay home today. I drew the short straw because several of the schools I was supposed go to today are closed.

So what do I do today??I thought about taking the boys to the capitol today for the rallies, but decided against it. It would be too scary for them and maybe even for me.

Sometimes I feel like I don't do enough or say enough when it comes to "fighting the good fight". I appreciate those who are going to the capitol and letting the government know that we are not happy...I'm not one of those people. I would rather work behind the scenes to help, posing questions to those who are in charge hopefully changing what they are thinking. I know I help, but in different ways.

We will stay home. I will stay away from the internet and tv news. We will probably watch some movies, go for a walk, and be.

take care everybody

Monday, February 14, 2011

What I should be doing...

I should be in the craft room finishing the Christmas presents - only 2 left - that I promised I would have done by Valentine's day. Happy Valentines, by the way. Instead I am sitting here eating pizza doritos, drinking hot tea, thinking about brushing my teeth for my dental appointment this afternoon (in about an hour). I know, I know you really don't care that I have a dental appointment this afternoon.

I have 4 rows of my barn raising afghan sewed together. I really like it. It is so light and warm. I think I am going to make the March deadline - hope I didn't jinx myself right there!

What else is new? I signed up for a 5K. What was I thinking? Really?? What was I thinking. I have been exercising every day for the past month (minus this weekend because I had a really bad cold) AND can now run a mile in about 13 minutes. I can do 2 miles in 30, but then I have to walk. I know I will be able to run/walk this race, but sometimes I get competitive and want to do more than my body can do. I really would like to be able to slog through the whole race without walking, but.... I still have 27 days to complete 3.2 miles.

I am enjoying working out every day. I finally feel like I am getting healthy again. The drawback is that I haven't lost any weight (I'm kind of obsessive with the scale). I think I am going to measure myself and go by that instead of the scale because my clothes are fitting differently.

Well I'm off to the dentist (just in case you needed to know).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And the winner is...


Please send me your info by Friday and I'll send out the goodies.

I can't believe it is Wednesday already! I have lots of news...Ian got his green belt on Monday night - great job, Simon had a really good teacher's conference AND Ian signed up for the church youth musical. Oye...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Give Away

This is my 200th blog post AND a snow day so I have good reason for a fun give away! So if you are a stitcher of the yarny kind or a stitcher of the fabricy kind look no further! I have dug into my stash and purchased some honey goodies for you.****

The honey product come from d's bees. She is my oldest friend who is a bee keeper (stitcher, builder, dabbler) near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Her honey is pure and unprocessed and her body products are made with food grade ingredients. She believes that anything that you put on your body should be something that could put in your body - not that you would want to eat lotion, but I think you get my drift (snow pun intended). Right??

So included is a 8 oz jar of honey, a "push up" - think deodorant only WAY better- of her ultimate hand and body balm. I can not say enough about this product. I am working my way through my second container right now. The great part is that it is natural and it makes my skin glow. I'm not a cracked, dried out mess this winter. I keep a push up in my bag to give my hands a break through out the day. Oh and Denise included a lip balm (chai flavored).

The yarny goodness includes: 1 hank of Misty Alpaca lace weight (874 yds./100g). Color 23 (if you want to go check out the color somewhere else on line). It is a beautiful variegation of sea colors green, blue brown and tan. It is very subtle. I bought it because it reminded me of the ocean.

If fabric is your thing, 5 one yard cuts of complementary green, aqua and white is the other choice.

I must be thinking of the ocean today... a warm sunny day...

SO leave a comment and let me know you which one you might like. I'll draw randomly on Wednesday February 9th, 2011.

*** DISCLAIMER: I live in a house with a cat and dog. The yard and fabric was stored in a drawer and have had little to no contact with either animal.