Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm stopping while I'm ahead (somewhat)

I have am having brain power problems today. I have been wanting to make a square cloth box for a while. I've had the instructions and materials, so today I started. I cut out everything the way the instructions said to and when I went to sew them together, the pieces didn't fit. See that piece of black spotted material. That was the first try. It was my luck that the pattern really uses the amount of fabric it calls for NO overage. SO try #2 involved the cool dancing people, there were several attempts at that until I finally got it right.

I just stopped though because I sewed two parts together that don't belong together. I think I need to do something brainless today. I'm not firing on all cylinders and I can feel it. The problem is I don't have any brainless projects to do. All of them are at that point where brain power is needed.

This pattern is not that hard. I think it WILL be fun when I can get my brain to function properly.

During my crafting endeavor this morning, the boys have been downstairs watching a movie. They are covered in quilts. It's cold down there today. And before you ask, Simon does not have a black eye. When I was removing his "red eye", it became blue.

I'm off to search behind the couch for something to do that is already started. Hopefully I missed an easy one back there.

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june at noon said...

Oh, yes, the brain power usage is good for us, keeps us young, but there are just some days.... I really like making fabric boxes. Once you've got the first one really figured out, you won't need your brain quite as much. Good luck! :)