Thursday, June 16, 2011

flowers and frogs

I just got back from the park. The boys are still there and I'm learning to let go a bit. They do have walkie-talkies to connect with home because I am not getting the oldest a cell phone until middle school. As I walked away I got a bit nervous, but I have to trust them to do what is right, Right??

I let them go down to the park without me. I walked to the end of the street and down the trail to the park.

There are berry bushes galore on the trail. In a few weeks, I'm going back with a pail to get black berries. I wonder how many other people have spotted these beauties?

When I finally got to the park, they had caught a couple of frogs and some tadpoles.

Ok so the walkie-talkie is good in theory. I just had to walk back to the park (because I didn't think to take the car) the "help" Simon come home. He was not listening to Ian.

hmmm, I wonder how the rest of the evening will go.

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june at noon said...

My kids are still too little to be left alone (preschoolers), but you're so right: the letting them grow up and giving them space but wanting to keep them safe thing is just ... hard.