Thursday, January 29, 2009

The next month...

I have been making a list of stuff that I absolutely positively have to get done in the next 30 days. It's kind of frightening and I know that I will get it done, but sometimes I can be a bit of a procrastinator (like what am I doing right now?)

So here goes...
  • finish my final project. I'm about 1/3 of the way complete. I have actually figured out all of my "down" time during the first two weeks of the month and plugged in what I am going to do when.
  • finish my valentines for my family and friends (wait till you see them)
  • that final project...
  • how to thank my husband for stepping it up, so that I can get that final project complete
  • craft time HAH!!
  • Can I start a new book? Which one do I start? The Last Lecture, Becky, A Thousand Splendid Suns OR do I just suck it up and not really read - maybe just a little before sleep
  • work meetings
  • school conferences
  • that final project
I will get it all done - there aren't any other options.

Slow and steady (and stay away from the books, yarn, fabric........)

Mixed bag

Sorry for the blurriness of this one, BUT I had to share...We had the bird call cd in last night for dinner "music". Eddie was going nuts. All of those birds...the sounds were coming out of here, but he just couldn't get to them.

Simon has been working on his kung fu moves. In his version, he uses a big balloon to protect good from evil. He can really get going. Of course you will have to imagine Ian singing "Everyone was kung fu fighting, ooh ahh. Fast as lightening....".
We have been focusing on making better/healthier choices about what we do with our time. Exercise has been one of them. I love this one of Ian flexing and Simon working out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still more room

When will this madness end? We took another 4 boxes to St. Vinnie's today PLUS some riding toys. I think I need to stop... This is a bit of a compulsion for me. I do like the fact that rooms are becoming less and less cluttered AND I'm not getting rid of anything that has been used in the last six months. Some of the toys haven't been used in years.

You know what is even better?? I went to town today, dropped the stuff at Vinnie's and didn't buy a thing! Kal did, but I didn't and neither did the boys. When I got out of the car, all I had to carry in was my knitting bag that had two dish clothes completed while waiting for him to finish shopping. And the yarn was from my stash!

Ahhhh. Now that making room.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What do you do?

So, what do you do when it's colder than_______ (you can fill in the blank with your favorite saying).

Today we did all kinds of fun stuff. First we had pancakes and bacon. Then we watched a Scooby Doo movie. It was one I have never seen before, same basic plot with new technology added.

Then we moved downstairs and I cleared off the top of the white shelves, putting "stuff" away, and sorting fabric into the drawers by color. I still have a closet and two more flat surfaces to clear and put away, but I think I may have to start a project or finish a project before that gets done. Anyone for some creating?

After a scrumptious lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, it was quiet time. I even got under the covers and continued reading The Thirteenth Tale. After about an hour, I realized that it sure was quiet in a weird sort of way. There was some quiet chatter and whirring going on. I pulled myself away from the book and this is what I found.

They moved their ramps to the living room, so that I could make these.

I wish I had smell-o-vision. Chocolate chip with dried cherries. Delicious- according to Ian.

And what are those two up to right now, you might ask? They are cleaning the bathroom with the Clorox wipes they found in the closet. If you are wondering, they are doing a thorough job. There most likely won't be any wipes left in the container when they are finished. And the bathroom will be "shiny and bacteria free".

Take care and stay warm everyone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Button Box

Ian had to make patterns for "homework" tonight.

ok, so maybe I'm a little OCD

I got out my button box. I have been "collecting" buttons from my mom's button box for a while now. Mom's button box is an old tin that came from my dad's grandma Harriet. Harriet cut buttons off of everything - shirts, jackets, garters, pants. What did you need? It was probably in the box. She was a collector - maybe that's where I get it from? The Harriet collecting/keeping gene runs in our family. You never know when you might need something.

Every time I get out the box to survey my "goods", I wonder where that particular button came from. Some of the buttons are bone, and some are shell. There are porcelain, plastic, and brass ones, too. A time-line of buttons.

My button box connects me to a woman that lived through interesting and trying times - the depression, a husband with a roving eye (and a bit more), the deaths of 3 of 4 of her children and ultimately cancer AND tons more. She was a strong woman. She babysat me when I was really little, but I don't remember her except from pictures, family stories, old letters, and collected stuff.

When I think of my fore grandmothers and what they went through, I wonder about my life... could I survive what they did? Could they survive what I have been through?

Here are a few of my favorites.
p.s. Ok, I know this is greedy, but I really want the rest of the buttons in my Mom's button box.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Making room

Today Zoe came over and we started over-hauling the living room and the craft room. I am going to post pictures AFTER the process is complete because it is in the "it's got to get worse before it gets better" stage.

I don't believe how much yarn I have. Yikes. I guess I need to start making some cowls because I have quite a few singles (will that be enough??). I guess it depends on the yardage.

The back of my car is full of stuff for St.Vinnie's and I still have more to go....

Where does all of this crap come from???

p.s. I really like how the living room is turning out, but more painting is now in my future.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simon's quilt

Fire Dog Quilt
began: Summer 2008

I like everything about this quilt (except the binding). It is colorful and a perfect match for Simon. The only thing that Simon requested was that it have a fuzzy back. I bought a fleece blanket and quilted the top to it. "It's perfect, Mom!" - I wish he was always this easy to please!

I found these pictures on the camera this morning. I am trying to figure out who took them.

Sneaking up on Baby Jaguar....

Friday, January 2, 2009


The boys have been playing chess. I was surprised at how quickly Ian picked it up. He really got the strategy, but couldn't remember the names of the pieces. Simon, however, could remember the names but had difficulties with the strategy (as you can see from the picture). He promptly challenged his dad to checkers - his game of choice at the moment.

p.s. - My next project ..... a colorwork hat kit that I bought at Stitches about 4 or 5 years ago.

First F.O. of 2009

The Noro striped scarf is hot off the needles. I finished it this afternoon. I really like how it turned out and it was easy peasy. A no brainer - just my speed right now.

Noro Striped Scarf
colors: One's I liked
started: 12/19/08
finished: 01/02/09

I don't know what I will do next - maybe something from the stash.