Friday, August 29, 2008

A Mystery

Last night when I got home from work I noticed that a door in the basement was closed. I thought it was a little bit weird, so I opened it and didn't think any more about it. Later, Kal called me to the basement and asked me how this happened.

He was furious. He was sure it was the boys and I was sure it wasn't. They are sneaky and can be destructive BUT they could never keep this a secret! (FYI - this is the wall between the guest/craft room and the back room in the basement). So he called the boys downstairs. They were shocked. They thought someone broke into our house and did this. Simon was convinced that someone came in with a chisel and "chisel, chisel, chiselled" it.
the view from the other side
I, however, had a different idea. I started looking at all of the clues (remember I like British t.v. - especially the mysteries). I found hair. Black hair. Stuck in the vent and on the drywall on the opposite side. There were little holes in the drywall on the finished side that appeared to be from something pulling itself through the hole. I gathered my evidence and went to talk to my husband. "It was the dog," I said. "No, not the dog," he said. I showed him the evidence and explained my theory. He said,"Let's look at her feet".

drywall dust!

Here is our culprit. I think she got herself locked in the backroom and found a way out - of her own means. Now we have one more "thing" to add to the to-do list.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have two back-seat drivers. Sometimes this leads to some amusing, interesting conversations. Here is our conversation while driving to daycare this morning.

S: Mind that trailer Mom (we watch a lot British T.V.)
M: I see it.
I: Really Mom you don't want to hit that trailer. It's got 4-wheelers on it.
M: I really don't want to hit it because I won't have a car to drive to work.
S: Yah...
I: Well, you could get a jet pack to get to your schools.
M: Hmmm....that's an interesting idea. How would I haul all of my stuff?
S: In your backpack (it would have to be a humongous backpack - you should see the stuff I haul in the trunk).
M: I suppose, but I would want some sort of device to cover me so that I didn't get wet from the rain and snow.
I: Geez, Mom, you wouldn't need anything like that because with a jet pack you would be going so fast you wouldn't get wet! (So there).

Have a great day everybody.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quilts in progress...

I worked on this quilt at Zoe's on Tuesday. I thought that I would have the top done by now BUT I ran out of fabric! I want to make it big enough to fit a double bed with a drop over the edge. I don't have enough of any of the left-overs. Guess I'm making a trip to the fabric shop.

The blocks of the 4th of July quilt were completed eight years ago and finally got it sewed together into a top this week. It is all pinned and ready to be quilted. It is a wild mix of patriotic fabrics. Sometimes I really like it and other times, I wonder what I was thinking when I picked and sewed together the fabric.

The boys are home from a week with Gramma and Granpa. It sounds like they had loads of fun. They told me about going to a cave - no blood sucking bats, just so you know. They rode a log ride at MofA and apparently, it is not ok to open the door that stops the moving walkway at the aquarium at MofA. They didn't get kicked out but Simon did get a talking to. The highlight of the week was the human digestive system at the Children's Museum in Eau Claire. The best part (I guess) was the soft intestines and landing in the toilet at the end.

It was sooo quiet without them -now the t.v. is on and all of the couch cushions are on the floor. I'm glad they are home. Don't get me wrong - I was glad when they were away -really we all needed a break from each other, but now they are home and I'm happy.

Have a good night.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's not that time already? Is it?

Yes, it is time to return to work. My desk is piled full of papers that need to be distributed to others. I'm not ready yet - really I'm not ready! I know how fortunate I am to have the summers off. I get to spend time with my boys, my family, and friends. We get to sleep in (6:30 a.m. is sleeping in at our house) and eat breakfast on the deck. We get to meet friends, go to the park and go swimming. I get to sew, knit, garden, and read (not much for pleasure this summer). I'm really, really not ready yet.

BUT it's off to work I go. I'll get used to it and it will be a challenge and fun.

p.s. I am going to make time for crafting night!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Block Party

Kal's band played at a block party this weekend. The whole family went along for a bit of fun - don't worry, we didn't crash it, we were invited. Ian played with all of his new friends while Simon tried to get into all places small. Simon was also the roadie.

The EAA Museum

We have been very busy the past few days. We went to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, WI. Everyone really enjoyed it. There is a special section in the museum just for kids with different gadgets and airplane cockpits. The boys missed out on the free airplane ride and were a bit disappointed. I told them we would go back when they were 8.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Guitar Heroes

Today has been one of those days....tried to go to a movie, but the kids were acting up so we had to be parents and say "no" and drive home from the theatre.... kindergarten registration - why do they take school pictures before school starts?...two boys trying their best to hurt the other....

When we got home, we got out the guitar hero (Aerosmith addition) to have some fun. Of course, Kal's is the only guitar that works with the game but the boys had to rock out with their dad.

Now I'm off to start a new knitting project. The pattern said "fast and easy". I'll see about that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The day of finished objects

Early this morning I was searching for needles for another project and found this hat with 1 1/2 inches left to go. It is a Toboggan Noogin hat (pattern by Amy E. Anderson). It was started several years ago before I kept the skein tags of the projects I was working on, so I don't know what kind of yarn it is. The yarn is very soft though, and I'm glad I still have a winter coat that it matches.

And the bracelets for the church festival are finished (click to make bigger).

Finally, you might be wondering about the picture of Simon. Doesn't look too bad for picking out all of his clothes by himself. Well, as we are walking hand-in-hand into Target I said,"Hey Simon, did you know you had two different shoes on?" He replied," Yup, it's a mix-match day!" with a huge smile. Just so you know, Target was our second stop - after the vet, but before the dentist and Stitcher's Crossing. Yes he wore those shoes and didn't complain once about his feet hurting.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey, Mom....

This afternoon I was feeling a bit lazy and a bit sorry for myself when Ian said it was too nice of a day to be inside. He seemed to forget I was outside all morning moving rocks and weeding flower beds. Anyway.... We went outside. The boys did some "work" on the wagon and I sat and enjoyed the weather on the front porch. When the bike trailer came out I was interested. Those two boys managed to get the bike trailer semi -connected to the little bike.

I: Hey Mom you want to go for a jog?
M: Not particularly (remember I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself)
I: We got the bike trailer hooked up. You could jog behind us. (They had worked really hard.)
M: If you get some shoes on I will jog behind you and you need to wear your helmet.
I&S: Yeah, let's go!

Ian pulled Simon all the way to the park downtown. He and I pushed up the big hill. They loved it and you know what - it was just what I needed. We played for a little while then started home. The speed demons raced down the hill that I had to help push up. I think my heat skipped a few beats. I was yelling "brakes, brakes" and all I heard was two boys laughing like maniacs!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Too much of a good thing

I just took this picture. It was about 4:30.

We have had a couple of really full, fun days and no naps - not even in the car on the way home!

So at 1:30 today, the boys went to their rooms for quiet time. Simon told me he would stay in there BUT he was not going to lay down or close his eyes. He was on over-drive today. Every time I tried to get him to sit down with me and snuggle, he found a different activity. At 4:15, he was conducting an experiment with juice, water, Fresca soda ( ????) and talking non-stop. I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find him sound asleep under the kitchen table.

Sleep tight little guy. And please, please through the night.

Today's walk home

Today was Simon's turn to take pictures on our way home from VBS. There is construction on Main St. so our 15 minute walk took us 45 minutes. I love to listen to Ian and Simon discuss what is happening and what will happen next. It is interesting to see "life" through Simon's eyes.

Enjoy our walk - especially if you are into partial views of construction vehicles :).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Fun

A while back, we went to Texas Tubb's Taco Palace. We had great food and the music brings back my childhood. My dad was into country music - Meryl, Willie, Johnnie, all of the boys and don't forget Dolly and Tammy. The atmosphere at the restaurant was fun and the fellow diners didn't seem to mind if the boys added in on background vocals and air guitar (more in the 80's big hair bands style though).

After we ate we took pictures in the picture booth.

I was over at Peaknits this morning admiring her new spinning wheel and decided to play along with her meme. So here goes...

Who was your first prom date?
I didn't go to prom with a date, but went with group of girlfriends. I wore a Jessica McClintock formal prairie dress. You may know it. It had the high lacy collar and the pearl buttons with the lace at the bottom of the long dress. It was oh so ....

Do you still talk to your first love?

What was your first alcoholic drink?
Beer. I was at my friend Denise's house, drank in her bedroom while listening to Davie Bowie or some music that she was really into. There was probably incense involved too.

What was your first job for pay?
I worked at ShopKo in Fond du Lac in the hardware, paint, and automotive department. Furniture and plants were also in that area. I could mix a mean can of paint.

What was your first car?
I drove the family car for a while. It was a red Ford Fairmont station wagon called Monty (very original). After that I drove my favorite car. A sand colored VW 5 speed diesel Rabbit. It was sweet.

Who was the first person I thought of this morning?
I didn't think of anyone. I was thinking I really need to get started on that paper!

Who was your first grade teacher?
Mary Beth Leonard. The cool part was she was also my CCD teacher and I got to call her Mary Beth on Saturdays. I remember calling her Mary Beth during the school week and being really embarrassed.

Where was your first ride on an airplane?
San Diego.

Who was your first best friend and are you still friends?
I would have to say my cousin Erin. We played together a lot as little kids. We aren't the kind of friends now that we were then. We see each other at family functions.

What was the first sport you played?
I played volleyball 4 years in high school. I mostly sat on the bench.

Who was the first person you talked to this morning?

Whose wedding were you first in?
My aunt Anne's - 25 years ago. I was the maid of honor. I couldn't sign the "papers", so my Mom did. I remember my cousin Erin and I sitting at the reception drinking orange soda out of wine glasses and my mom getting all worked up. I can't remember who told us we had enough wine, my Mom or Dad, but it got a huge eye roll.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Went on a search for Chickadeedeedee with Simon.

What was the first concert you went to?
I went to a Monkee's reunion concert with Kay. Actually, I went to all of the Monkee's concerts held in Eastern Wisconsin that year - Milwaukee, Green Bay... (please don't hold it against me).

What was your first tattoo or piercing?
Earrings - way after all of my friends.

What was your first run in with the law?
I was coming home from prom decorating, driving around the cemetery in Campbellsport, as I turned I saw a reflection of my headlights on a car. Naively, I thought it might be my crush waiting for me (geez). It was friendly Officer Bob Wilke. It was my first speeding ticket. I wish I could say I was going really fast, but I can't remember. I was so embarrassed because I knew Bob and he worked with my dad. Luckily, I got off with a warning.

Who was your first roommate?
My aunt Anne. After that I didn't have a roommate until college. Michele was a lot of fun, but there was also a lot of drama. I wonder where she is now.

Where did you go in you first limo ride?
I haven't been in a limo. Can't say that I would like to ride in one either.

Well I'd better get those boys ready for the day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Digging In

This is the time of year that I find myself "diggin' in". I have the summers off and the beginning of August signals that there are only a few more weeks of summer fun left for me. I am not quite ready to go back yet and I have to complete the lit. review for my masters this month. SO fitting in the summer fun has be a little difficult this year.

This is my reward for finishing a small part of homework today.

And no I am not going on a Kool-aid binge. There is some yarn in there. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Monday, August 4, 2008

It will all be ok

This morning the boys started VBS (vacation bible school). We have been talking about it for the last week - counting the sleeps until today. I have pointed out the church every time we passed it. The boys were excited to do something different and meet new people. So wasn't I surprised when we walked in and the band was playing and Ian said,"This is going to be cool" and Simon started screaming that he wasn't staying. I left Simon screaming and crying in his teacher's arms. I felt horrible, but I knew he needed to do this. I couldn't bring him home with me and I knew he would be ok.

I came home started some laundry, cleaned the cat box, printed some more articles for my literature review, and finished knitting another bracelet. A few hours later, I walked back to the church and worked on Ian's sock in the shade of a big tree listening to kids playing games and singing - trying to hear my kids voices.

When it was time to enter and pick up the boys, Ian waved and smiled at me. As we got to the pew where Simon was sitting, he smiled a big smile and said "Look what I made". We walked a little bit and Simon said,"Wait" ran back to his teacher and said,"I'll see you tomorrow".

All the way home the boys told me what they did and how much fun each one had. Each said it was a little scary at first, but it was a lot of fun.

Yup, sometimes you have to try new things, it might be scary but it will be ok.