Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I found her! I found her!

A year ago, we made an extra bedroom into a craft room for me and the boys...ok for me. A friend helped me go through stuff and I was ruthless throwing things away and sending junk to St. Vinnie's. My junk, someone else's treasure.

During the process of putting the room back together, I couldn't find my Raggedy. Raggedy was my lovie when I was little. I can't remember dragging her around, but I must have because she had several "major" surgeries. I remember asking my friend if she had seen her when we were rearranging. She said no. I was sick. I knew for sure that she had gone to St. Vinnie's and some guy took one look at her and threw her into the garbage because she was in a "too loved" state. Really I was sick.

She had been with me forever. I tried to convince myself that she was only a "thing". "Things" aren't important - memories are. Right...

This weekend we were going through yet more boxes in the basement. Cleaning out and making more piles to go to St. Vinnie's. I opened a box and shrieked, Kal came running wondering what was the matter.... I found her in a box.
She's now on the bookshelf in our bedroom. I'm not going to loose her again. Her music box still works...Smile

Did you have a lovie as a child? Do you still have it?? I would really like to hear your story.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

this afternoon

this afternoon, i got home a little early
shh, don't tell anyone.

i did a few chores
that had to be done.
helped with some homework
and went outside.

i sat in a chair
that rocked, listening
to the frogs
to the birds
to the breeze going through the pine tree.

the chimes were bing, bonging.
i tried to read,
no such luck.
i couldn't pay attention
to the print on the page.

i closed my eyes enjoying the sun
following the light and warmth
by moving the chair.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think we need a little sun....

We saw these shirts last week when we were at a book signing. Kal picked them up and Ian took a picture of us last night.
Did you notice that the print is backwards? This only happened on my computer - he didn't buy defective shirts. All of the other uploads to other computers were correct...

I think we look a bit like dorky, very pale zombies OR something. We definitely need to have a sun vacation next winter! (I don't think I look this pale in real life)

Enjoy the day if you are in WI, as they say in Ireland when you ask about the weather,"Ah, it's changable"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I didn't wear socks today.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I have to disclose something. I was a braggart.

Remember last week when I said I went to exercise class... and I said that I only hurt a little bit... Last Wednesday....Well....I went to exercise class again on Saturday....And I hurt...still today....I have a hard time sitting down....I have a hard time standing up....It hurts to lift my arms from my sides....This is my "punishment" for telling every single soul that I came across that I started an exercise class and I only hurt a little bit... I over did it... But I'm going back on Tuesday night....

I'll try not to be a braggart anymore. Ok I'll try not to brag about the getting fit thing, I might have to brag about my kids OR husband OR some project that I complete that is really cool or I do in record time.

p.s. I really like knitting socks magic loop style - I might even finish a pair in less than a month - braggart - I know :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting fit

I went to my first exercise class in over a year on Tuesday night. I had major anxiety because of the stupid blood clots, but I have the doctor's ok so everything is ok to start....As I sat there, women and men came in, sat down and my anxiety became greater. They all had the "right" clothes and shoes and lean bodies.....

But I went out onto the exercise mat and I did "it". "It" was a total fitness class - kickboxing ish, Pilate's ish, yoga ish. It wasn't pretty. I have left/right issues. I didn't die. They didn't have to call the ambulance for me. And I felt like I would eventually get all of the moves down - if the teacher doesn't change up too often. I felt good when it was over - sweaty BUT good.

Yesterday I was bragging to a co-worker about how good it felt to exercise again and how I didn't hurt at all. I was worried that I might not have pushed myself hard enough.

Hmmm, this morning I woke up and my legs hurt, my back hurt, my arms hurt. Hurt in a good way, not bad enough to take Tylenol.

I like this feeling. I'm moving forward.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crafting A.D.D.

I have been busy on the crafting front. Right now I have a bunch of stuff started. I really wish I was one of those people who could do one project at a time - I'm not. To be honest, this is not all of the projects I have started. I'm not even going to count.
This is a disappearing 9 patch. It is an easy pattern and with the coordinating fabrics the 9 patch actually disappears (it would probably disappear without coordinating fabrics). It will be wall hanging size.

I love the Oz fabrics from moda. I bought a bunch (10) charm packs to make a stacked coin quilt for our bed. It's been fun so far, but I am only through 2 charm packs. Ask me about it in a few more packs.
I have been taking a class to learn magic loop (also to knit uninterrupted for 2 hours for a couple of Sundays). This is the most loved heal flap. It was knit and reknit several times due to the people around me counting or saying the pattern out loud. Ok people.... it is not necessary to repeat a two step knit slip over and over OR slip one purl, purl, purl......
I was pretty frustrated because I have knit socks before - many socks... and I couldn't even get the heal flap to come out right.

Art Show

Last week, there was a school wide art show at Ian's school. He was very proud of himself.

I think 1/3 of 850 pieces of art were guitars. The artists picked their two favorite pieces from their portfolios.

I think they stand in these things just for my pleasure.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random randomness

I finished another project and put it in the mail this morning. I would show you a picture of the cute quilt BUT my friend has serious cat allergies and being the good friend that I am I washed, dried, put it in one of those giant ziplocks and into the box. Hopefully the majority of the cat hair was removed. What remains has been sterilized. P.S. The guy at the post office said it should be there by tomorrow. purrr

I noticed these pictures on the camera after I took the pic of the box. They made me laugh. It's funny what the boys think needs to be captured by a photo.

I un-officially competed in the knitting olympics. Uhmmm, I think I may have bit off a little more than what I could handle (that and crafting A.D.D) and I didn't medal. I did however get through half of an afghan while watching. I'm going to try to finish the afghan by the end of March.

More randomness...I learned the magic loop method for making socks. I think I like it. I'm still on the cuff, but have ideas for using up some of my sock yarn. It seems to move along faster for me. More on that later.

...did you notice how many cars were washed yesterday?? As I walked through various parking lots this morning, most of the cars where clean.