Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alive and hiking

Yesterday was beautiful! And we went for a hike at Blue Mounds State Park. The only one who wanted to go in the beginning was Kal. It was his suggestion, but the rest of us had lots of things on the to do list. The boys wanted to hang out with their friends at the "secret" hide out. I just wanted to stay home and get stuff done around the house.

I'm glad Kal persisted and we went because we had a blast climbing the towers and hiking and stopping for soda and chips on the way home.

Guess where I took this picture??

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two weeks in....

So we are now into school a whole two weeks. I have some really cool pics of the boys first day (they are still on the camera). I think that Zoe told be that I can get a chip to send my pics straight to my computer - I need to find that OR someone needs to invent it. What is it about connecting the cord from the camera to the computer that is so hard??

Oh the boys are doing well. They still like their teachers. Simon seems to be writing more (don't know about the reading) and Ian's homework load varies from day to day. He, however, is reading like a pro.

I am driving in a HUGE circle this year for work. My average is about 240 miles a day - my short day is Wednesday - if you care and I only drive 90 miles. My days are full and I have some really interesting students but the days are also long which I am not compensated for. So if you have issues with teachers and their pay or hours look a bit further than the one that stand/sits at the front of your child's classroom. There are others out there who travel to see students in your school who are not represent by the local teachers group. They aren't in it for the money (no teachers are), they do it for the students. BUT this blog is not about my 6:15 - 4:40 job...

There has been some crafting (once again the pics are on the camera). Hopefully I will get some of them up here soon.

take care everyone,