Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Thank you gift

Lisa's sock (sockotta yarn)

My friend Lisa did a lot of the edited of my master's papers, which by the way are done- no more papers in APA, papers- yes - APA NO! I have been trying to figure out how to thank her.

She likes coffee, already made, imagine Starbucks drive-thru, so I thought about giving her a gift card. I just hadn't gotten around to it (I finished my masters work in November 09- not too long ago).

The other day, we were sitting at our desks talking. I was doing government work (surfing the net for knitting projects) and she was looking over my shoulder saying it would be nice to have something like this or that. And it occurred to me that I had a pair of socks that were almost complete....I took the finished one out of my bag and asked her to try it on (which she didn't, she held it up to her foot - you have to know Lisa) and said it looked like a perfect fit.

Today I put the pair on her desk. Tomorrow she will be able to wear a pair of hand-knit "thank you" socks. I don't know if she will change her socks, but if it was me and someone gave me a pair of knit socks I would INSTANTLY shed the store bought ones I had on in favor of the hand knits.

happy day everyone...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's 2010

We had a fun weekend. We went to Olbrich Gardens to enjoy some wonderfully warm weather and goof around.

Then we went out to eat and goof around.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My empire for a .....

spool of black thread. I started this quilt a year (?) ago and decided to get it done. It was all pieced, so all I had to do was quilt it (smile). I pinned it together and came up with a quilting plan.

See those pins - that's how much I had left when I ran out of black thread - less than two square feet plus the outer border. I had promised myself that I was not going "into town" this weekend and was a bit perturbed with myself. How could I not have ANY black thread?

(Some of the blocks have little dogs quilted on them.)

Now I have some black thread, thanks to a good friend, and am hoping for maybe...perchance... a snow day tomorrow....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Check This Out

Go check out this site. My friend, Denise, is the beekeeper. She just started this site to promote and sell her products.

Denise is my oldest friend and I am proud to say that. She is a wise woman, who can really grow "stuff"- veggies, flowers, music, bees.....

I can attest that her products are pure and very, very good. I've tried most of them and love the way they make my skin feel.

If you are looking for something new to try, take a look.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My own personal Costco...

Kal wanted to go to Costco this weekend and the rest of us went along for the ride. As we were driving to the west side of town, I had this "vision".

I imagined going into Costco and it was filled with natural light. Big windows that looked over something interesting (this part of my vision was a bit vague, but the view out the windows was something to sit and look at and relax). Then I looked around and I was surrounded by yarn. Oh my gosh, what kind did I want? It was there AND it was all in my price range. There was roving, and needles and kits - someone else did all of the work of choosing the perfect , PERFECT project for me.

There was also fabric by the bolt. Oh the smell and feel of cotton. And a long arm machine that sewed 1,000's of stitches per minute.

Oh and there was a display of that Wen conditioner I sat and watched an infomercial about a while ago. AND it was reasonably priced.

The real Costco was nice but not as nice as the one in my dreams.

OH, by the way, If you live in the Madison area I have something you need to go try. REALLY - it was delicious. We also went to Great Dane (before Costco) and had a delicious lunch. We rarely get dessert there, but there were signs up everywhere about chocolate and beer pairings. Well, we tried it. OMG they were delicious. We (Kal and I) got to actually try the chocolate with the beer and the restaurant got it right. The boys tried all of the chocolates and we discussed which one we liked the best and why. In case you do venture out and try these chocolates, save the tri-pepper chocolate and beer for last. It sort of hangs with you, very good but lasts a long time on the palette.