Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little bit of snow

My helper has been outside for about 30 minutes sweeping snow from the deck. He was outside throwing the ball for the dog and decided to help out because we are supposed to get more snow tonight. He wanted to make it easier for me tomorrow morning. Check out the socks peeking out of the boots. Do you have any idea what they might be? He found some "Christmas stockings" downstairs. They are stockings that you would hang on a hearth, if you had one. I guess they are the right fit and thickness for snow boots and sweeping.

A Nice Long Weekend

We had a wonderful, long weekend. We seemed to pack a lot into 4 days.

Simon's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. He had an airplane cake and his favorite - home-made mac and cheese. There was also turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, beans, and sweet potato souffle. BUT the mac and cheese was the best - according to him.

The boys played with some birthday gifts under the food table while the adults digested -I mean rested after eating.
We went to Capaul's Tree Farm to get our tree on Friday. We had it cut and decorated by noon! Ian got to video the process this year. It will be interesting to watch what he took.

We went to the Christmas Parade in Beloit. We had tons of fun. The boys were in the front row when Santa got off the fire truck. Their eyes got as big as saucers. Then, Santa turned on the downtown Christmas tree and the parade started. There were some wonderful floats decorated with lights and people.

I have most of my Craftacular items finished, priced and in the "box". I'm going to continue to work on the little socks. If only big socks went this fast!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Class Reunion

Last Saturday night was my 20th class reunion. Did I go? Naw... Did I send pictures for the "20th Reunion" DVD? Nah, who wants to see me 20 years later? Well, I just viewed the video somewhere on the internet and I'm feeling......It's hard to describe.

High school was not the best part of my life. I am not one of "those" people who believe that nothing better would come after I graduated from school (Here were lots of pic's of those people on the video). It was the next step after junior high and the last step before college. But I feel.....

In high school, I was quiet, kind of dorky, but had a passion for fairness and what it right, big picture right, morally right. I was a fairly good student and had few friends. I am still friends with one person from that time in my life. I was a "good kid". I had a drive, but was afraid, of what? Life? What other people thought? What my parents thought? Failure?

Ok, so I'm still quiet in new situations, and I'm still dorky -I admit it. I like to dance to music on the radio or tv by myself or infront of other people. I like music, movies, books and stuff that very few others like. I still fight for what is fair and push people to think about uncomfortable "things" in different ways - too see the situation from a different view point. Some would even say I am opinionated. I have a few friends who I love to spend time with doing whatever it is that we do to amuse ourselves.

I like who I have become - most days I am very comfortable in the skin I'm in. I am I'm a work in progress, hopefully getting better every day. I'm cool with that.

So why do I feel this way?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Pleasures

Quiet after a day of too much fun.
I heart these little stockings. They have been so much fun to make and a part of the Craftacular "booty".

Simon got a new haircut. It is really, really short. We are hoping it will keep him from pulling out the little bits that he has been doing for a while. He also has to watch any tv or movies in his underwear. When I went out to the living room, he was laying on the couch Fred Garvin style watching Wallace and Gromit.

Now it's time to get some clothes on "Fred" and go outside for awhile.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's done

The next stage in writing my final project is done - well the draft was just emailed to my adviser for proofing!

Ahhhh, that feels good.

Now for the weekend - quiet house (boys gone, Kal gig), sewing with Stephanie, reading (for pleasure and for school), and loafing around!!!

I'm so ready for this weekend.

Enjoy everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6 Random Things...

A while back I was tagged by Stephanie to comment on 6 random "things" about myself. Well, here goes:
  • I am terrified of chickens. I have always been - especially when they fly up and fluff their feathers and put their legs out like they are going to attack you. They make this horrible racket and feathers fly every where...I only pretend to be brave around them now when I am with the boys because this is really irrational.
  • I hiked most of the Chilcoot Trail in 1998 with a friend. It was one of the routes used during the Alaskan gold rush starting in Skagway, AK to the gold of the Klondike. We got as far as the 10,000 stairs area (not literally anymore - stairs were cut in the snow during the winter to aid the prospectors in getting up and over the pass) and my friend couldn't go any further. I haven't been on any major hikes since then.
  • I learned to knit six years ago. I learned to crochet in 4-H eons ago - I wasn't a very good crocheter BUT think I am a fairly good knitter though.
  • There was a time when I wanted to quit teaching to become a trained chef/baker. I wanted to go to the American Culinary Institute in New York. I didn't do it though. I guess I like teaching work hours better.
  • I am a morning person - love it.
  • I am a semi-earth mother. I do take remedies and try to eat naturally. I try to buy healthy and local BUT it is hard. Don't get me wrong, we eat our fair share of McDonalds, boxed food and we do see a traditional doctor. I wish it was easier (read less expensive) to buy healthy food and use holistic medicine.
Well, there it is. I think it is pretty random, don't you think. If you want to play along go ahead.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Task Master

Here's my task master for getting projects done for the Craftacular on December 6th at the Masonic Temple in Madison (shameless plug. I will be sharing a booth with Zoe and Stephanie). I mentioned that I needed to spend some time in the craft/guest room every day this weekend. Well, I was there for a while Friday morning, today and who knows about tomorrow, BUT I'm pretty sure my little guy will be reminding me to "go downstairs and get some work done".

Seriously though, if you are going to be in the Madison area and want to go to a craft show. Try the one on December 6th at the Masonic Temple. I hear it is going to be a good one!!


It was a perfect Halloween. The boys didn't have to wear jackets over their costumes. We walked up the street, but didn't ask for candy at many places. Ian was mostly looking for buddies from school to yell "hey....". He had fun though. They also went treat-or-treating at Heidi's work.
It was warm enough to have a fire and hand out candy outside this year. Heidi and Gerry came over to enjoy the evening with us.

ps. Happy Birthday Dad.