Friday, August 29, 2008

A Mystery

Last night when I got home from work I noticed that a door in the basement was closed. I thought it was a little bit weird, so I opened it and didn't think any more about it. Later, Kal called me to the basement and asked me how this happened.

He was furious. He was sure it was the boys and I was sure it wasn't. They are sneaky and can be destructive BUT they could never keep this a secret! (FYI - this is the wall between the guest/craft room and the back room in the basement). So he called the boys downstairs. They were shocked. They thought someone broke into our house and did this. Simon was convinced that someone came in with a chisel and "chisel, chisel, chiselled" it.
the view from the other side
I, however, had a different idea. I started looking at all of the clues (remember I like British t.v. - especially the mysteries). I found hair. Black hair. Stuck in the vent and on the drywall on the opposite side. There were little holes in the drywall on the finished side that appeared to be from something pulling itself through the hole. I gathered my evidence and went to talk to my husband. "It was the dog," I said. "No, not the dog," he said. I showed him the evidence and explained my theory. He said,"Let's look at her feet".

drywall dust!

Here is our culprit. I think she got herself locked in the backroom and found a way out - of her own means. Now we have one more "thing" to add to the to-do list.


Stephanie said...

I might have to check out this British TV.

what a sleuth you are!

re: the scarf

Kari! You are the sweetest thing.

It's yours! Thank you.

I've tried to email you twice and they've bounced back. I might just leave you a comment if this one does. :)


(I emailed this to you but decided to post it here anyways.) :)

Zoƫ said...

She looks so cute!! How can you be mad at her (don't get me wrong if it where me and my dog I would be mad... at least for a little while;)

peaknits said...

Oh, look at that face! It was just an accident, mom. (I have heard that too many times as we have been potty training, but it works!)