Monday, September 1, 2008

The board walk

We went to my Mom and Dad's for an overnight on Saturday. On Sunday (after sitting on the
back deck for a while), we went to the boardwalk near their house. It is a short circular path that includes a small lake, bog and marshy area. The entire path is a boardwalk.

We haven't gone in the summer or late summer before. We were afraid of mosquitoes. We were surprised -no nasty biting bugs - lots of butterflies, bees and spiders though. Lots of insects taking advantage of the warm summer day. We walked it twice exploring all of the seed pods and bugs. The last time we were there, it was really really wet. It was interesting to see it drying up and to see the plants with there seed pods. The little lake was low. I have never seen mud flats in it, then again I have never been there in late August. We saw a philodendron type plant that was beautiful. As we, walked it was really warm in some places and cool in others. Of course, Simon got hot and had to have his shirt off!


Zoƫ said...

What a lovely walk!! It looks great! Did you ask your mom about the round robin?

BTW the hat fit Ada and it looks soo cute. I can hardly wait for cool weather (wait did I just say that???)

peaknits said...

Where is this fun boardwalk? It seems familiar but I bet Dane Co has many spots like this:)