Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Fun

A while back, we went to Texas Tubb's Taco Palace. We had great food and the music brings back my childhood. My dad was into country music - Meryl, Willie, Johnnie, all of the boys and don't forget Dolly and Tammy. The atmosphere at the restaurant was fun and the fellow diners didn't seem to mind if the boys added in on background vocals and air guitar (more in the 80's big hair bands style though).

After we ate we took pictures in the picture booth.

I was over at Peaknits this morning admiring her new spinning wheel and decided to play along with her meme. So here goes...

Who was your first prom date?
I didn't go to prom with a date, but went with group of girlfriends. I wore a Jessica McClintock formal prairie dress. You may know it. It had the high lacy collar and the pearl buttons with the lace at the bottom of the long dress. It was oh so ....

Do you still talk to your first love?

What was your first alcoholic drink?
Beer. I was at my friend Denise's house, drank in her bedroom while listening to Davie Bowie or some music that she was really into. There was probably incense involved too.

What was your first job for pay?
I worked at ShopKo in Fond du Lac in the hardware, paint, and automotive department. Furniture and plants were also in that area. I could mix a mean can of paint.

What was your first car?
I drove the family car for a while. It was a red Ford Fairmont station wagon called Monty (very original). After that I drove my favorite car. A sand colored VW 5 speed diesel Rabbit. It was sweet.

Who was the first person I thought of this morning?
I didn't think of anyone. I was thinking I really need to get started on that paper!

Who was your first grade teacher?
Mary Beth Leonard. The cool part was she was also my CCD teacher and I got to call her Mary Beth on Saturdays. I remember calling her Mary Beth during the school week and being really embarrassed.

Where was your first ride on an airplane?
San Diego.

Who was your first best friend and are you still friends?
I would have to say my cousin Erin. We played together a lot as little kids. We aren't the kind of friends now that we were then. We see each other at family functions.

What was the first sport you played?
I played volleyball 4 years in high school. I mostly sat on the bench.

Who was the first person you talked to this morning?

Whose wedding were you first in?
My aunt Anne's - 25 years ago. I was the maid of honor. I couldn't sign the "papers", so my Mom did. I remember my cousin Erin and I sitting at the reception drinking orange soda out of wine glasses and my mom getting all worked up. I can't remember who told us we had enough wine, my Mom or Dad, but it got a huge eye roll.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Went on a search for Chickadeedeedee with Simon.

What was the first concert you went to?
I went to a Monkee's reunion concert with Kay. Actually, I went to all of the Monkee's concerts held in Eastern Wisconsin that year - Milwaukee, Green Bay... (please don't hold it against me).

What was your first tattoo or piercing?
Earrings - way after all of my friends.

What was your first run in with the law?
I was coming home from prom decorating, driving around the cemetery in Campbellsport, as I turned I saw a reflection of my headlights on a car. Naively, I thought it might be my crush waiting for me (geez). It was friendly Officer Bob Wilke. It was my first speeding ticket. I wish I could say I was going really fast, but I can't remember. I was so embarrassed because I knew Bob and he worked with my dad. Luckily, I got off with a warning.

Who was your first roommate?
My aunt Anne. After that I didn't have a roommate until college. Michele was a lot of fun, but there was also a lot of drama. I wonder where she is now.

Where did you go in you first limo ride?
I haven't been in a limo. Can't say that I would like to ride in one either.

Well I'd better get those boys ready for the day.


Zoƫ said...

love the photos. I have to get there, it sounds like fun.

Stephanie said...

I love Tex Tubbs AND classic country. I grew up with it, too. Patrick & I just were listening to some Waylon Jennings the other night..."she's a good hearted woman in love with a good timing man..."

Love that music.

peaknits said...

ISn't this meme fun? How did I miss the Monkees?:)