Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey, Mom....

This afternoon I was feeling a bit lazy and a bit sorry for myself when Ian said it was too nice of a day to be inside. He seemed to forget I was outside all morning moving rocks and weeding flower beds. Anyway.... We went outside. The boys did some "work" on the wagon and I sat and enjoyed the weather on the front porch. When the bike trailer came out I was interested. Those two boys managed to get the bike trailer semi -connected to the little bike.

I: Hey Mom you want to go for a jog?
M: Not particularly (remember I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself)
I: We got the bike trailer hooked up. You could jog behind us. (They had worked really hard.)
M: If you get some shoes on I will jog behind you and you need to wear your helmet.
I&S: Yeah, let's go!

Ian pulled Simon all the way to the park downtown. He and I pushed up the big hill. They loved it and you know what - it was just what I needed. We played for a little while then started home. The speed demons raced down the hill that I had to help push up. I think my heat skipped a few beats. I was yelling "brakes, brakes" and all I heard was two boys laughing like maniacs!


Zoƫ said...

Great job!

Stephanie said...

What a clever idea. I bet everyone thought they were so cute!