Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quilts in progress...

I worked on this quilt at Zoe's on Tuesday. I thought that I would have the top done by now BUT I ran out of fabric! I want to make it big enough to fit a double bed with a drop over the edge. I don't have enough of any of the left-overs. Guess I'm making a trip to the fabric shop.

The blocks of the 4th of July quilt were completed eight years ago and finally got it sewed together into a top this week. It is all pinned and ready to be quilted. It is a wild mix of patriotic fabrics. Sometimes I really like it and other times, I wonder what I was thinking when I picked and sewed together the fabric.

The boys are home from a week with Gramma and Granpa. It sounds like they had loads of fun. They told me about going to a cave - no blood sucking bats, just so you know. They rode a log ride at MofA and apparently, it is not ok to open the door that stops the moving walkway at the aquarium at MofA. They didn't get kicked out but Simon did get a talking to. The highlight of the week was the human digestive system at the Children's Museum in Eau Claire. The best part (I guess) was the soft intestines and landing in the toilet at the end.

It was sooo quiet without them -now the t.v. is on and all of the couch cushions are on the floor. I'm glad they are home. Don't get me wrong - I was glad when they were away -really we all needed a break from each other, but now they are home and I'm happy.

Have a good night.

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Zoƫ said...

I love the 4th of July one!!!! Stars and strips make me happy.