Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have two back-seat drivers. Sometimes this leads to some amusing, interesting conversations. Here is our conversation while driving to daycare this morning.

S: Mind that trailer Mom (we watch a lot British T.V.)
M: I see it.
I: Really Mom you don't want to hit that trailer. It's got 4-wheelers on it.
M: I really don't want to hit it because I won't have a car to drive to work.
S: Yah...
I: Well, you could get a jet pack to get to your schools.
M: Hmmm....that's an interesting idea. How would I haul all of my stuff?
S: In your backpack (it would have to be a humongous backpack - you should see the stuff I haul in the trunk).
M: I suppose, but I would want some sort of device to cover me so that I didn't get wet from the rain and snow.
I: Geez, Mom, you wouldn't need anything like that because with a jet pack you would be going so fast you wouldn't get wet! (So there).

Have a great day everybody.

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Zoƫ said...

Guess he told you;) Ahhh the jet pack that would be nice and so fast you do not get wet. Maybe he should invent one. I asked Elijah if he would invent a car that I could sleep while driving and he said NO! bummer