Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Fun

We had an excellent weekend. We went to visit Kal's parents. Truthfully, they babysat for us at their house while we went to see a concert on the riverfront. The first act was Molly Hatchett - they were bad! I was thinking "I sure hope the next one isn't like this". Then Joan Jett walks out on stage and says" Folks this is not the show. This is the sound check." My worries were gone. If you get a chance to see Joan Jett - GO!! It was one of the best concerts I've been to in a while. She played the oldie but goodies and some stuff off of her new album. I especially like the Mary Tyler-Moore song.

The boys begged to go into the pool when we got home from Kal's mom and dad's house today. They love to be in the water. Ian is a very good swimmer and Simon thinks he's a better swimmer than he really is - he really is becoming more skilled. They weren't in very long today though. The water was cold!

Some summery sweetness after taking the dip in the pool. It's never too cold for a popsicle.

See all those little sticky notes. The info that they are marking needs to be put into the paper I am currently procrastinating on. I have my visual model of "what happens when the reader's eye meets the page" completed, now I need to write 10-12 pages to go with it. I am worried about this paper.... It's the last comps. paper in my masters program. I'm going to get up early tomorrow and start it while the house is still quiet.

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