Sunday, July 20, 2008

One bag down.....

With all of the quiet yesterday, I was also able to finish the pink bag. It was knitted and felted 3 years ago and I bought the clear handles about 2 years ago. I could never find what I wanted for lining fabric though, so it waited and waited in the closet.

I went to the fabric store yesterday and found the perfect lining. The lining took about an hour to finish. (I really don't like interfacing.) Then I sewed it in by hand. Do you think 3 years 2 hours is too long to work on a project?

The bag is a beautiful rosy color with orange undertones. I loved the yarn - I think it was Cascade 220 - color??

The lining is a cool mod oval pattern. (The colors in the pic don't do it justice.) There is the ever important gum pocket, pen/sunglasses/reading glasses pocket, mobile pocket, a large pocket for my calendar (yes - I still use a paper calendar) and a key holder on the other end. The inside is huge. I can carry all of the other essentials and a sock project!

I love it! I know that a felted wool purse is probably not fashionable in July, but I couldn't wait to use it so it had its first use today.

In other news, I took my "boys" to a movie and lunch today. We went to see Space Chimps - it was ok - Ian and Simon watched the whole movie and there was enough adult humor or connections to other space movies to keep me interested. Then it was off Noodles.


Zoƫ said...

I love it. I have always wanted to do a felt bag!!! I have seen that lining fabric at Jo-Anns and I LOVE IT!!!!

Way cool. I can not wait to see it. Oh and no amount of time is to long for a project. (I say that because I know I have projects that are MUCH longer in the making that I still hope to get done one day;)

Stephanie said...

Ahhhh! It's adorable, Kari! I love it.