Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dream Park

Yesterday, we went to the dream park in Monona. Here's the conversation from the back seat:
I: Do you see it yet?
S: Nope, but I got my eagle eye out.
I: She said it was a castle.
S: I see it! I see it!
I: Oh my gosh... She said it was kid sized and it is.

The Dream Park is a kid sized castle with ins and outs and little hiding spots that was built by volunteers. The boys imaginations ran wild for almost 3 hours. Even though it was warm and humid the boys and I had a great time. Afterward, we went for ice cream. They were such good listeners and played so well with each other and other kids at the park. Of course the conversation on the way home was when we could go to the park again.

I thought for sure they would be asleep when I got home from class with all of the play... hmm....right...they were waiting for their stories.

Today is another great day.We went to swimming and Simon told his instructor he was going to try his best today and he did!

Now, its outside to enjoy the weather.

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