Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poor Mike Rowe

Sharks are big at our house. Ian loves sharks. One year for Halloween, he was a shark (complete with a remora).

So it understandable that shark week is HUGE at our house, so is Mike Rowe. It is a wonderful day when Mike Rowe and shark week are combined. However last night, Mike lost his status as "I wish Mike Rowe was my Dad".

Mike's dirty job last night was in the Arctic searching for the elusive Greenland shark. That was cool...sub-zero weather, snowmobiles, airplanes. The group even found a shark - that was great! The not so great part was when we (the real parents) ignored the warning that said 'sensitive material ahead". The first part was ok, but let's just say we should have headed the second warning....After a few minutes, the t.v. was promptly turned off because the material was not appropriate for a almost six year old. The fact is Ian had seen what they were doing before on a different show, but Mike Rowe doing it on this show was horrible for him. Ian had LOTS to say about it and it wasn't pretty.

Sorry Mike, but last night's dirty job helped you to loose your favorite status for pretend Dad at our house (for this week anyway). And the real parents in the house have hopefully learned an important lesson too - follow the warnings to avoid stress before bed time.


Zoƫ said...

OK I have never heard of Mike Rowe and only just heard about shark week so I am out of it... but what did Mike do?

We all make bad calls on what to let our kids do every once and a while. My folks let me watch the first Jaws... I was .... wait for it cause this is good... 5. Yes I still remember that and I do not think that Mike Rowe could be that bad.

Kari said...

Well... Mike was helping a Ph.D. student collect "samples" of the shark to take back to the lab to study. It wasn't graphic, as in gore and all that, but it really bothered him that Mike was doing all of the "collecting". Last year he watched them open a stomach of a shark (yuck)to see what was in there and it didn't bother him at all. Oh well...