Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st zoo trip of the year

We made our first trip to the zoo today. It was a nice sun filled day. The boys got to use some of their allowance to go into the gift shop. Ian got a little seal and wooden snake. Simon got a little tiger and the eagle mask. We had loads of fun.

eagle eye Simon
eagle eye Ian
another turtle picture. I have to keep taking them while they let me!
picnic lunch.

The boys have been so funny with their allowance. They are slowly learning the meaning of money. They haven't got the idea of saving yet (oi), but they are getting the idea of what is important (to them, not me) and how long they have to save for.

Ian saves his money for specific items and then "has" to go to the store to buy it as soon as he has enough. Today, Ian was counting up how much his items were and when he looked at his money he didn't have enough. He had lost some money. He put an item back and went to pay. We had a discussion about where you keep money safe. He was disappointed, but hopefully he learned a lesson today.

Simon is a bit more frugal and then not so much. He saves his money. When we go to the store, he asks "are you buying this or do I have to?". Then he makes the decision as to whether he really wants to part with his money. He's a big spender when he buys his items and a comparison shopper. BUT he surprises me (not really - I know he is a good kid, but right now we need couples therapy :)). Today after buying his "goodies", he proceeded to give all of his loose change to a couple of the "preservers " - Simon's word for those collection tubes to help the zoo run. He also gives an offering church and always asks to put money in the Ronald McDonald House collection boxes.

How did this morph from a zoo trip to money?

We had a great time. When we got home I wanted a nap....I didn't get it!

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Zoƫ said...

what wonderful photos!! Looks like you had a great day.

Man your kids are so grown up about money... I really need to start giving E an allowance.