Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another snowy day

I wish I was feeling the love for the snow today, but I'm not! I drove to work to day to find out that all of the schools I was supposed to go to were closed. Blasted 2 hour delay.

What else is new? Hmmm.... I am working on my Saynoran scarf/shawl again. Sometimes I wonder why I put things away. I really like this pattern and love the yarn (Manos merino silk in a sea green and blue colorway). Hopefully I will get some pictures up soon.

I also got new glasses with bifocals. They are taking some getting used to. This morning every time I turned my head, I had this strange whoosh feeling like in the movies when the camera pans really fast. I do like my new glasses though.

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Stephanie said...

Is that a heart shaped POTATO? awesome.