Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April has been looooong month

Oh friends, April has been a tremendously long month and it is only half way through. I'm tired out and a bit frustrated. I apologize to all of my family and friends who have had to listen to me whine and complain. I know that I am blessed and that I have gotten lots of "breaks", but in the heat of the moment I'm lost! (Wow how many cliches can I get in one sentence?)

I have been busy crafting (my refuge right now) and have been making these cute little birds. You are going to have to click over to see them though because a dozen have been pilfered from me before I could even take a picture of them. I'm going to cut out more tonight. The original plan was to perch them on a pussy willow branch. This is still the plan...

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Stephanie said...

I know there are easier times ahead, Kari, and I hope they arrive for you soon. I'm glad you have crafting as a refuge and those birds are adorable! I hope everything is okay with you guys.