Sunday, March 13, 2011

The shamrock shuffle

I DID IT!!!!!

I ran/walked the Shamrock Shuffle this morning. I was waiting for the results, so that I could brag a bit. I stayed in the middle of the pack and walked about half of it. I'm proud of myself. I finished in 41.49 minutes and had a pace of 13.28 minutes per mile. I'm pleased. I still smile when I think about it.

Am I any worse for the wear? Ehh, one of my ankles is giving me a bit of grief, but that could be from walking Ian to his friend's house then proceeding on another 3 miles.

Maybe I went a bit overboard, but the endorphin rush was still going on.

Here's my new goal. I am going to run in a race every month this summer (starting this month, which really isn't summer, but ....) AND by the end of summer I am going to be able to run the whole thing. So who wants to join me?? Stephanie - you are walking a lot lately. Denise - get ready for our mud run? The people who had friends with them seemed to be having lots of fun... AND the added bonus?? I'll replenish all of those t-shirts that I gave to St. Vinnie's a few weeks ago.


Stephanie said...

You are awesome!! I would love to do one with you. Love to. I had a 5K on my list of goals for the year. :) Maybe in June so I have a couple months to work up to running at least a little. :)

way to go!

Kari said...

I'll start looking for one in June!