Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random randomness

I finished another project and put it in the mail this morning. I would show you a picture of the cute quilt BUT my friend has serious cat allergies and being the good friend that I am I washed, dried, put it in one of those giant ziplocks and into the box. Hopefully the majority of the cat hair was removed. What remains has been sterilized. P.S. The guy at the post office said it should be there by tomorrow. purrr

I noticed these pictures on the camera after I took the pic of the box. They made me laugh. It's funny what the boys think needs to be captured by a photo.

I un-officially competed in the knitting olympics. Uhmmm, I think I may have bit off a little more than what I could handle (that and crafting A.D.D) and I didn't medal. I did however get through half of an afghan while watching. I'm going to try to finish the afghan by the end of March.

More randomness...I learned the magic loop method for making socks. I think I like it. I'm still on the cuff, but have ideas for using up some of my sock yarn. It seems to move along faster for me. More on that later.

...did you notice how many cars were washed yesterday?? As I walked through various parking lots this morning, most of the cars where clean.

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