Monday, March 15, 2010


I have to disclose something. I was a braggart.

Remember last week when I said I went to exercise class... and I said that I only hurt a little bit... Last Wednesday....Well....I went to exercise class again on Saturday....And I hurt...still today....I have a hard time sitting down....I have a hard time standing up....It hurts to lift my arms from my sides....This is my "punishment" for telling every single soul that I came across that I started an exercise class and I only hurt a little bit... I over did it... But I'm going back on Tuesday night....

I'll try not to be a braggart anymore. Ok I'll try not to brag about the getting fit thing, I might have to brag about my kids OR husband OR some project that I complete that is really cool or I do in record time.

p.s. I really like knitting socks magic loop style - I might even finish a pair in less than a month - braggart - I know :)

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Stephanie said...

Good luck tonight! The intense pain will end and then you can feel doubly proud of yourself for surviving it. Are you stretching daily? That can help a lot.

Brag on! :)