Monday, February 8, 2010

My empire for a .....

spool of black thread. I started this quilt a year (?) ago and decided to get it done. It was all pieced, so all I had to do was quilt it (smile). I pinned it together and came up with a quilting plan.

See those pins - that's how much I had left when I ran out of black thread - less than two square feet plus the outer border. I had promised myself that I was not going "into town" this weekend and was a bit perturbed with myself. How could I not have ANY black thread?

(Some of the blocks have little dogs quilted on them.)

Now I have some black thread, thanks to a good friend, and am hoping for maybe...perchance... a snow day tomorrow....

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Stephanie said...

Holy pins, batman! That is what scares me about making a quilt...sooooo much work! Anyways, that dog quilting is flipping cute.
Also, I just saw your book list. Did you love The Help? I did. I always like Jane Greene, too. :)