Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The third times a charm

Simon decided that he wanted to start karate over break. He told EVERYONE that he was starting and that he couldn't wait...

Well, the first day, he cried and cried when he put on his gi and it was "too big" and felt "yucky" and "smelled like horse" - his go to phrase of hate. There was no way he was going to go out onto the mat. The second time, he had to be removed from the gym because of the tantrum he threw. He wore his Dad and I out.

The third time was last night. Here's how the conversation went

ME: Ok guys it's time to get dressed for karate.
S: ok (and he goes and gets dressed).
M: Simon I'm not arguing with you tonight. You either go on the mat or you don't, but if you decide not to participate you are not going to hang on me.
S: ok

We drive to karate.
Ian: Ready Simon
S: Yup.

They went out together. Then Simon raced back for a hug and went back onto the mat.

Afterwards, Simon said he didn't know what he was so afraid for - that was a blast.

This morning, he asked if he had karate tonight.