Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Note to self...

Dear Kari,

I know you have been very busy and lots of "stuff" has popped up during the last week or so. Saying that you need to be reminded of just a few things:

1. There is always a little time to work on Dad's socks. They are almost done. Take them with you so you can get them finished by Christmas. Put them out on your desk, a few rows between kids. They'll be done in no time flat.

2. Hot chocolate is delicious especially at your desk, on a snowy, cold day. See those socks sitting next to your cocoa. It's a good time to put on one of those rows.

3. Bryspun (a really nice plastic) double pointed needles used to knit on Dad's socks should only be used to knit socks and occasionally scratch your head NOT stir the hot chocolate that you were too lazy to go to the cafeteria to get a spoon to stir. You will end up with an interesting sculpture and no needle to knit with....


Stephanie said...

oh no, dear kari. :)

merry sock knitting & Christmas!

Caffeine Girl said...

Good luck on the Dad socks! Men's socks take SO long.

As for the needle: LOL!

seedeece_432 said...

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