Saturday, September 20, 2008

Note to self.....

Dear Self,
Next time you decide to pull weeds, take a look around, especially in the season of wasps, bees, flies or anything that stings. Do not keep pulling one more until the wasps have themselves worked up into a fury! Your hand will hurt when the wasps decide to defend his sacred space - it will hurt like you know what and the neighbors do not need to hear you swear at the top of your lungs.
Take care,

I was going to include a picture of the wasps' sacred space in the the flower garden BUT I'm not going out there again until dark and it will be with a can of spray.

On other fronts, I think I am working out of my funk. I am super busy and I'm dealing with it by doing nothing! I haven't worked on my paper, which I really need to do. I'm going to clean out my car so that I don't have any excuses not to work on the darn thing when I have a minute here or there during the day instead of knitting or reading a book.

I have cleaned the house (well the kitchen, living room and bathroom - the rooms that really count).Tried to weed. Took two boys to Kohl's and to get haircuts. They had to try their new shirts on today at Kohl's, they saw some bigger boys using the dressing room and also had to use it. It was the coolest feeling standing outside the dressing room, knocking on the door asking,"Does it fit? Can I see?" and the two of them modeling the new clothes for me. I didn't dare ask the older one to try on the new pants, that would have been pushing my luck.

Now I am going to put the binding on this blanket that got immediately put into service last week even though it was only quilted.
Do you think our house might be a little warm right now?

Take care, k


Zoƫ said...

I hope your had feels better soon. Stay off it or you will not be able to sew next weekend and that would suck!

Stephanie said...

That quilt is amazing!