Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Have I told you that I started the c25K. I'm actually in the end of week 3 - half way to a 5K. I have a plan to run around Monona Bay before doing a real 5K. Those plans are on hold.

I really like the program because it starts so gradually. I've been doing so good - no shin splints.... NONE! I usually get them within 4 or 5 times of running - not this time. While running, I was listening to podcasts of knitting, cooking and running and had a great idea! I should probably listen to some music. Not knowing how to load music that I want to listen to (you see my husband loads the music because I don't want to learn how to do it), I looked into so apps for said music. There are lots of free ones that are good - just go to podcasts and look up running music. I thought to myself that I should kick it up a notch and listen to music that was about 140 beats per minutes. I guess that is close a 9 minute mile. I think I am at about an 11 or twelve minute mile. HAH! It felt so good to do the running yesterday until late afternoon.  I guess along with pushing myself to far that I didn't stretch out enough. Is that possible? I could barely walk. To top it off I went to karate - mistake! I have really agravated my plantar fasciitis.

I've finally got a plan AND am committed to it, to get fit, and loose a butt load of weight (pun intended). It is a long term plan so I will not to get discouraged about having to take some time off of exercise. I'm  giving myself a week off of karate and my walk/run schedule. I may start biking next week. I am getting re-aquainted with stretching and ice. Yuck.... I AM doing a 5K in October. If I have to walk it, I will.

The boys have a new station on Pandora called kidzbop. It has all kinds of current music usually sung by kids. I don't mind it. While cleaning his room, found those funky glasses you get from the eye doctor after dialation and made up a dance to the black eyed peas.

 DJ Simie spinning the virtual discs on the ipad

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