Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A clean room...

Sometimes I find that cleaning helps clear out more than just the obvious junk. Last week, I cleaned out the sewing/music room. I only touched the fabricy, yarny stuff. And it felt so good. I took out a large trash bag for the garbage, 2 bags to goodwill, and 1 bag full of bits of fabric for a kids quilting unit.

 Here's the view from the door. See that doll bed on the right with the bears -  it had two big baskets of fabric and projects. I semi-finished two of the projects and they moved over to the shelves on the left. I also made a cover for my sewing machine. It has been in the works for a couple of years. Do you have any projects that laze around in your brain until one day they just "appear"?

 The view from the chair behind my sewing machine.

I've been toying with this shelving unit since I got it eons ago. In the first re-arrangement of the room, it moved out of the closet and under the window. The projects were stacked in there. Kept saying that I would complete them, but I would start another one. So I finally gave myself permission to put them away. Away went the quilt I was making for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. They will be married 45 years this year (right Mom?).  Away went the wedding quilt with squares that people created for us from our wedding - 12 years ago this June... Fabric that I was keeping just for me went back into it's color family drawer. This is what was left. Two quilt tops that I completed this summer - just need backs and to be quilted.  Two quilt tops that are soooo close to being done. A wall hanging. A bag. The spines that need to be sewed into the dresdan plates. The bottom shelf has projects that I wasn't ready to put in a drawer or send on yet.

I felt so much better - I said that didn't I? It helped with my boredom and gave me something else to focus on besides Kal finding a new job, like ASAP. I wasn't fighting with the boys - they were outside playing.

Cleaning out, making room....maybe it's what we all need to be in a better mood!

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Zoƫ said...

It looks great!!!! And of course I do not have any projects that just hang there in my mind..... I start a project and stay with that one project until it is done........well in my mind at the start of every project that is what I think I am like:)