Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ahhh, how did you do that??

Remember when I said I was having a rough go of it? Well, it is getting better. slowly....

I ran in the Sprint for the Arb last weekend. There was weather of all sorts: rain, snow, sleet, and a bit of sunshine. I was so proud of myself because I shaved a couple of minutes off of my last 5K time. I was flying high as a matter of fact. Then the results were posted. I came in last in my age group. Oh, I was devastated. I thought I did so well. I know I will get better at this as time goes on AND IF I put more time into running and taking care of myself. But it was still a little bit hard on the ego.

This weekend the boys and I are going to the vacation house to celebrate the holiday with my mom and dad. The car is packed and I am ready to go and have my mom take care of me for the weekend (little does she know). I am hoping that it will be nice enough out to do some hiking and sitting outside. I plan on doing some hand quilting, while the boys work on their tree fort.

***the blog title? Maybe this will tell you how busy I have been and how I need to slow down a bit... I have been frantically waiting for my milage check to arrive from work. We use it to pay for my gas and sometimes a bit more. I drive A LOT and just added two my districts to my route. Well, the checks were mailed a week ago and I still didn't have mine last night. I called the business manager at work and left a message about the identity theft at our house and how I was concerned that I hadn't received my check yet....Today I met with the B.M. (it's ok to chuckle a little bit) and he said work hadn't cut me a check. I went back to my trusty computer and wha la there was my milage for the month - I had not turned it in! Then I called Kal and told him all about it. His response was the blog title. Oh and I'll get my check on Monday, just in case you are wondering.

Have a great weekend everyone,

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Have a great time with your folks.