Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day...

No I am not going to spout my electoral views BUT I am going to say that I voted this morning on the way to work...I do have one complaint. GET A HEARING AID!!! I shouldn't have repeat my name 4 or 5 times before you, election volunteer, get it. Only to repeat the process again at the next table 15 minutes later.

I have an office day, ahhh. I had great plans to get lots done and so far... I have facebooked, you-tubed and now blogged. The you-tubing was related to work though...I sat and watched about 15 "It gets better" videos in ASL. It was interesting to see I how well I understand adults signing compared to kids.

The long weekend was just what was needed. We had tons of fun outside making a fort and walking the trails. I got another square done.

AND Simon lost his first tooth. "Finally something good is happening in my life!"

I'll try to post pictures later this week.

Ok, it's time to eat some lunch (smile) and get to work.

Enjoy your day AND don't forget to vote!

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