Monday, April 26, 2010


he scares me - a little bit.

For example:

Last night we all went to bed early. The weather was terrible all weekend and we were getting on each others nerves - in a serious way. Everyone was in his or her room reading or playing with action figures or just resting. When Kal came into our room I was working on a crossword. Here's the exchange.

Kal: What are you working on?
Me: Crossword (one word answers work the best to keep the concentration going)
K: How many have you done?
Me: 2, but the last one stumped me. What's a word that means the same as eggshaped?
Simon: oval (quietly)
K: How many letters?
Me: 4, I know I'm over thinking this...
S: oval (a little louder)
K: ellipse?
Me: 4 letters - means eggshaped
S: It's an OVAL (shouted from his bedroom).
Me: WOW that fits - Thanks buddy.
K: (whispers) that's kind of scary isn't it??