Friday, April 2, 2010


We had an enjoyable time at Knuckleheads in the Dells. Ian has wanted to go there with the family since he went for a birthday party months ago (I DEFINITELY would not take a group of children there - just me- give it a try if you want).

We rode all of the rides several times. Simon's favorite was the bumper cars. We had a blast on those.

Ian's favorite was the little go-carts (we didn't tell him there were bigger ones - bad us).

I enjoyed the little roller-coaster. I think Simon and I rode it a half a dozen times - at least. We stopped because the last time he bumped his head on the side of the car.

We ate at Buffalo Phil's - ehh. I don't have to go back.
Do you see the wing coming out of the side of Simon's head? It's a female grouse or pheasant.

Here's one of the conversations that took place:
S: Hey, look at its eyes.
I: Yah...
S: Why isn't it blinking?
I: Because it's dead (said in a manner of a 7 year old who holds all of the world's knowledge).

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