Thursday, March 12, 2009

School Lunch

When I was in first grade, my lunch was stolen out of my locker. I went to a public K-12 school and some hungry high schoolers, for some reason, ended up in the elementary portion of the school. They went through a bunch of lockers and decided that my lunch looked good to them (egg salad sandwich, an apple, and a cookie). I remember crying and crying because it was a Friday during the Lenten season and I "had" to eat what my parents packed for me -no meat or I would end up in Hell - ok, that was my own rule - I was a bit of a religious zealot as a child - rosaries, saint stories, bible mysteries. I think it is interesting that I think of this every Lenten season after it happen so many years ago.

I decided to write along with others at meet me at mikes. Pip is posting a theme to write or post pictures of each week.


Stomper Girl said...

That was obviously a huge trauma. Rotten big kids!

meet me at mikes said...

That's SO interesting that you were so very into religion, when you were a little girl. How earnest you must have been! And no wonder you cried. I would cry too! Your lunch, however, did sound delicious!