Sunday, March 8, 2009

It wasn't a dream

The first airline ride went very well. Although, Ian was a bit scared that he wouldn't get through security with his "silver" tooth.
This is one of my favorites. We went to a different beach every day. I LOVED IT!! I'm a water/ beach person. This is Morrow Beach.
Morrow Beach looking the other way.

Moonstone Beach - small polished rocks. I found some small green rocks that I want to make into "something".

On the way to Pizmo Beach.

Sometimes when you get back from vacation, it feels like a dream. This vacation was one of those. On Monday, we got back in from a short - very short -vacation from the Central Coast of California. It was beautiful. Spring is on the verge there. Everything was in bloom. The bulbs, flowering trees and it was green. We happened to be there for 5 days that it didn't rain. It was a wonderful break from Wisconsin 65 - 75 degrees.

Ian also loved the beach and water. He was so excited to go swimming. Of course, I didn't pack his suit and had to get him one at Walmart (those stores are everywhere!)

On the way to the tidal pool at Cayoga's Beach. If you have never been to a tidal pool, you have to go. It is amazing how the sea life adapts itself to low tide.

Holding a star fish very carefully. The boys learned so much about sea life from their aunt Sue when we were at the tidal pools. We are still hearing about it! Did you know that star fish are hard? I didn't...

A fuzzy family pic.

Our last beach trip. It was a sand castle beach!


peaknits said...

What a dreamy vacation indeed! So much fun!

Stephanie said...

oh kari, I'm so glad you guys had such an amazing trip. your pictures are beautiful...I am so jealous! :)