Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ahhhh. It's quiet, finally....Kal took the boys to swimming today. I have approximately 1.5 hours of no testosterone. Now don't get me wrong. I love all of the men in my house BUT today was a challenge. Two young boys were stuck in the house while it rained. They kept themselves busy (getting out Christmas decorations) and building a city around said decorations in my sewing room while I finished some bed buddies. They cleaned up the Christmas village and followed me upstairs, where the oldest male in the house kept turning up the volume of the football game because the youngest two were too loud.

I've decided to participate in Sockoberfest. As you can see I won't be doing the mystery socks or starting anything new. I have four partial pairs of socks - 2 pairs with one finished and 2 with one almost finished. They are all generic socks. I am going to keep them in that cute little bag for the month and see what I can accomplish knitting wise.

Ok, I'm going to go enjoy the quiet.

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Stephanie said...

How nice to have a bit of time at home alone.

I love the name socktoberfest...very clever. :)