Monday, January 23, 2012

The last two...

Flexible Flyer Snow Block, colors may vary
The boys have been asking for those plastic blocks molds to make igloos. Actually I mentioned them a while back and now that we have some snow they want them. So yesterday, I went to the local Ace Hardware to pick them up. Guess what? They didn't have any... I was hoping they would.

You see I am spoiled by an Ace in one of the towns that I teach in. It has everything, if you can't find it at Ace in Sauk Prairie, you don't need it - really you don't. I love that store. It has everything except grocery items - if you don't count candy, chips and soda - which they do have.

So this morning in our wonderful Wisconsin weather BECAUSE I had a two hour delay AND I love my children - read I really don't want to listen to them whine.


They are going to be SO excited tonight when they get home from school!

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Zoƫ said...

You are such a good mom.