Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just a little prickly

 The oldest is a bit prickly right now. Homework issues.

We had a little reprieve after Christmas and now the honeymoon is over. We are back to shouting (him) and me trying to soothe him and move him along. He complains that he never gets any free time. And truthfully, sometimes it feels like that even for me. 

We are going to start something new next week. Hopefully that will help his self-esteem and the mood of our house. I'm not sure how much more yelling I can take...

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Zoë said...

Hang in there it will get better! Hope that the new thing works.

What are you doing this weekend, can I drop off your machine?

Love the photos.

Maybe I should just send you an e-mail.... This comment is getting kinda big:)