Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh well.....

My day has been kind of topsy turvy today. When I woke up I had one plan and it has been changing about every 30 minutes. It will probably change before I finish this post.

So here was my first plan...Today when I arrived at my first school, I was going to go for a walk. I already knew that the first student I was to see was absent. Yesterday one of my co-workers told me about this 2 mile walk that she and another lady do during their lunch time. Ahh, I thought to myself. I can get my exercise in and be ready to see the second student I see in that building. I was HOWEVER 6.5 miles from home when my cell phone rang. Ian had lost part of a filling, would I please come to school and check it out. On my way back home to check on the oldest, I got a phone call from  a different person and she told me that I didn't need to come to that school at all because the student I was supposed to see was testing.

Ohhh, my mind went wild with delight. What you may not realize is that not going to that school saves me about a 210 mile round trip and a half day of travel and teaching. I had PLANS! I was going to take Ian to the dentist, go to the bank, take a walk, then get supper started so that we wouldn't have an excuse not to go to karate tonight! Of course, I had all of this figured out before I took the off-ramp to our town.

I arrived at school and saw the tooth and immediately called the dentist. It was a huge hunk of filling. I was disconnected and when they called back they wanted to know what tooth it was - didn't ask that - had to hang up and walk down to the classroom where my son was messing around with a giant globe while others watched him. Found out which tooth, called them back and was on hold for 15 minutes. When they finally got back to me, they told me that he couldn't be seen until Monday at 10:15. My mind was yelling,"What??? I have plans!!!" My mouth said,"Monday at 10:15? Ok." So, I went back inside to tell Ian (did I mention that I had to stand outside for that time on hold because there is no cell reception in the school? It was 36 degrees.) and he was upset because he thought he wasn't going to be able to eat tacos today at lunch. "No problem with the tacos, just don't eat anything sticky. NO gum or jelly candies!"

So I decided to go to the office.....and here I am until I get into my car in a few minutes and drive to my afternoon school.

Lucky for me it's a nice day for a drive!

Have a good day everybody.


Zoƫ said...

I hope that Ian is not in pain! Man I wish you day had gone more as you had hoped.

I worked out for 30 mins, and walked to school yesterday.

Apseed said...

It's difficult, but we have sometimes to let go all our plans. I hope your days are better now!