Tuesday, August 30, 2011

::reality check::

This is where I spend the majority of my time from September 1st to mid June. It's not too bad. I have heated seats and a 6 disc cd player, so I'm set to listen to books on tape - wait I mean cd. I get out several times a day to go into schools and work with students. I get to see the country side and experience the weather first hand.

Today was my first "real" day in the car and I wasn't prepared... no books, printed or otherwise, no knitting, no gum. Well, I fixed that after work tonight.

OH and I had my lunch eaten by 9:00! Not good people not good. I ate breakfast at 7:00. I just want to let you know that I didn't stop and get a "snack" later in the day. I was strong!

And here's a totally random reality check: My Ian is growing up. Tonight at backpack night, I kept smelling something - b.o. something. I must have looked like a freak smelling at myself at random moments. Random moments when Ian was standing next to me.... hmmmm. When we got home, I asked Ian if his underarms smelled AND the little bugger comes up to me and puts his pit right on my nose. Jeesh, it was him. My soon to be 9 year old needs deodorant.

::I have seen "reality check" on various blogs lately. I plan on playing along on a weekly basis. While the post may seem mundane, it is my reality at any given moment and I am grateful for being there.


Zoƫ said...

Man I think we are going to have to put the kids in the closet and lock them up so that they do not grow anymore!!!!!! (that will work right???) ;)

Kari said...