Monday, May 16, 2011

The fort

The boys have been working on this fort a while. It is up at the "vacation house", a place that some friends own but generously let us use. The boys think it is heaven up there because they get to go outside without adult supervision (well less adult supervision) and explore, build and be boys.

Last spring (my gosh - a year ago) they started their fort. It is built of sticks and brush and what ever they have hauled into this wind row of trees. When we were there on Easter weekend, we cleaned up branches from a huge tree that was cut down. As the yard became cleaner, the fort grew. It's now about 8 or 9 feet tall (maybe higher) and about 15 feet long. Inside they have various rooms, but the "best part" is an observation deck. It's a hole in the roof that they climb up and through to sit on top and look for wild animals and bad guys.

They would really like to spend the night out there because their cousin, Callum (an eagle scout) told them that it was pretty weather proof and would probably be warm enough if they slept on plastic to keep the damp off. He didn't volunteer to do it though and I really don't want to sleep outside in a fort on the ground with two boys who probably won't sleep a wink because of every little sound. Call me a party pooper, but that does not sound like fun to me!

They can't wait to go back this summer and play. I can't wait also because I can sit on the deck while they play and read a book or knit and still be "close enough" for them without being right there.

I know they are going to ask to stay out there overnight. I've already thought of my excuse - "it's too buggy. the skeets will carry you away!"


Stephanie said...

I love that. I would love for my kids to have a place like that to awesome for your boys. I like your new font & look, btw. :)

Zoƫ said...

I think this sounds like a job for a father... where is Kal when you need someone to sleep out with the kids. I would get my folks to do it because they are just that kinda people.