Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue quilt and tree climbing

I started this quilt the weekend I went to Jones Mansion. It must have been a project that I needed to do because it was started this March and just completed. The pics are hot off the press.

The fabric was a collection of fat quarters that Mom bought for me in Hannibal, MO. That was some quilt shop. It was hard to pick, but I knew I had the perfect pattern for it. The pattern was Snapshots from the Happy Hour book. It was so easy and fun to do.

After it was pieced, I decided that I wanted to hand quilt it. The search for the right pearl cotton was on, but I couldn't find what I wanted. I "decided" on two different colors of a two ply quilting thread. The quilting is what I would call primitive. It's not going to win any prizes at the county fair (I was in 4H as a kid - can't help the fair analogies). The stitches are even, but a little big. I love the results.

Ian found that he can climb the tree in the backyard. First, he climbs the pine tree to get pitch on his hands (they work better when they are sticky). Then, he pulls himself up. He climbs up to the top. So far up that the tree kind of sways. It makes my heart flutter a bit, but he does come down a few branches when I ask him.

***I'll try for the pics tomorrow, blogger is not being helpful.

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Zoƫ said...

I love the quilt and am so glad that you got it done (its about time you made something for YOU!)

Remind me to cut down all the trees before you guys come over (not sure my heart can take E climbing trees;) (heeeheeehheee )