Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sometimes I don't like blogger very much. I have been trying to upload pictures for the past couple of days and it won't "let" me. Ugh! I'm not sure if the problem is on my end or theirs or somewhere in between. Suggestions?

I am down to TWO more squares for my barn raising afghan. Yeah, I am really excited to start sewing the squares together. Please make sure to remind me of this moment when I am on square 15 and don't want to go any further. My goal is to have it completed by the first of March. It will have taken me roughly a year to complete it. I don't know what color I will use to sew it together or for the outer crocheted border. Luckily I know how to single crochet :).

Oh on a sad note...we went to see The Green Hornet 3D today. Well we tried to anyway. We sat in the theater for 20 minutes and they came in and told us there was a malfunction. The boys were devastated. We were reimbursed the ticket price and given extra tickets. Oh there was complaining. They kept it together, but when they had to give up their icies for concessions refunds they lost it. Simon dropped to the floor and sobbed.

So here is my question for you...why did we have to give back our left over popcorn, sodas, and icies? It was not like they could recycle them. They weren't going to refund Kal's soda because he had drank it and thrown the cup away. I don't get it. Truly, I don't.


Caffeine Girl said...

We had a similar experience when we went to the last Batman movie. I wonder how often the 3D projector malfunctions?

The part about the concessions is weird.

Zoƫ said...

I think I might not go back or if I did I would bring my own food so they could not take it back and if they ask you about it tell them that they took your food last time and made your kid cry!