Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend in review

The boys went to my mom and dad's for the weekend. Ahh, just what was ordered. I love my children to bits, but enjoy when they go away and come back.

We started out the weekend at Cafe BelItalia (it used to be the Northport bar and grill). If you live in Madison. You really need to treat yourself to a really good Sicilian meal - the portabella ravioli are my recommendation. Then we went to the union and sat by the lake eating our babcock hall icecream. There was a jazz band playing - nice - wish I had a better word, but sitting by the lake eating icecream with my honey was really - nice (hehehehe).

Saturday morning I slept in - wait for it - until 8:30. Those of you who know me know that most days my feet hit the floor by at least 6:30. We went for brunch - yes that's two meals out if you are keeping track. I had two giant plates of fruit and bacon. Then we walked around the art fair and car show in DeForest. Heidi, Gerry, and Stef came in the afternoon and we went to the art show again - the car show was finished. Kal and his dad helped a man who stopped breathing. Scary, but I am proud of him for stopping and trying to call 911 - that's a whole other story. We made it home before the rain and cooked out. We watched It's Complicated and Ray. Both good but we should have mixed in a slapstick comedy.

Sunday I slept in again...til 7:30. We cleaned up the basement and went for salads at Panera. Yes that was 3 meals out in 48 hours - shame on us! When we got home, I sewed for a bit, went through my stash again for the swap and took a nap.

The kids came home and went for a short swim, before talking a bower (bath/shower) and using a whole bottle of manwash to cover the bathroom floor with bubbles.

Ahhh, it was a good weekend.

Sorry for no pics, I was busy enjoying myself sans camera.

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Caffeine Girl said...

What a great weekend. Brief absences (from kids, especially) do make the heart grow fonder!

I'll have to check out the Italian restaurant. I don't get to the North Side very often!