Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh my gosh...

I got my swap box from the crafty swap. When I opened it, I was like Hmmmm...what's in here. Then two little vultures swooped in and started to claim stuff. Wait a minute boys....

There was all kinds of goodness in there. Cute cowboy and Indian fabric and some batiks (I have a project coming up for those). A Debbie Macomber book, some bath salts, a cookie (Simon says it was good), a beautiful batt for spinning (can't wait to get at that).

I got further down in the box and found some Socks that Rock sock yarn - lenore colorway. Oh my heart went a flutter. I have wanted to join that sock club for a while, but for many reasons haven't. I am so happy that Amysue decided to part with it. A thousand million thanks.

There also was a sock monkey kit in the box. Ian has been asking for a sock monkey for ages. It's kind of funny that there was one in the box. I was wondering where it was when I took the picture of the box.

Here is my not so subtle hint that this should be my next project. Yesterday he asked me to email Zoe and ask her if she had any stuffing to go in it.

Thank you Amysue.


Amysue said...

I'm so happy it all got there safe and sound! As you probably know now my son had major surgery earlier this week and I wanted to get it out before we kept for the hospital.

I can't wait to see the finished sock monkey and any other projects that get made.

Have a wonderful summer!

Zoƫ said...

Tell him to remember to call before I come over or I am sure to forget:)