Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tadpole update

The tadpoles that we brought home didn't fair so well. We have 2 that are still alive BUT the ones at the park are the size of huge green peas.

The boys took their gear down to the park to catch frogs. They really wanted to bring some home. They had all of the arguments down as to why they should be able to have one, but we stood firm. Frogs belong in the pond, not their bedrooms! Even IF the kindergarten teacher has one in her classroom and the best friend has two in his bedroom...

On the look-out. They were quite stealthy. I think this was the quietest Simon has been (when not sleeping) in ages.
Got It!
Here is the one eyed frog that they caught...twice. I've seen pictures and watched programs about how pesticides and other environmental toxins are affecting this population and to tell you the truth it didn't really hit me until I saw it with my own eyes in my backyard.

Kal watched all of this from a safe vantage point with the dog. Neither of them was having any part of touching the frogs.

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Zoƫ said...

Man and dog are wimps! :) Kids are great "hunters" And you are a great mom! (Kal is also a great dad... but kinda a wimp about the frog touching thing;)