Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sometimes I'm a ding dong

I have a confession to make. I was not big on going to the library. My friends all go to the library and love it. I didn't want to join that band wagon. I enjoy going to bookstores and buying books. I love the smell of the paper and ink and coffee. I always make sure that I pick a book that the binding hadn't been broken on because so that I am the first one to actually read it. AND I also felt/feel really guilty going to the bookstore and looking at books, then putting them back on the shelf. The library, yah it has the paper smell, but it's not the same.

I'm getting to the ding dong part, really I am. So I've started using the library. The boys and I go a couple of times a week. We've been checking out books and videos. I've found a new love of mysteries - there are mysteries set in knit shops and with yarn spinners. I've found some that also revolve around quilting, too. I'm really liking the library ( I guess I didn't realize how much I spent on books!). There are even brand new books - I've been the first to read a few!

However I have been waiting for FOREVER for a few books that are a couple of years old - ones that "no one" probably wants. I've been waiting for the email that my books are in. Well, it occurred to me that maybe I was doing something wrong when we were at the library yesterday. I kept adding books and videos to my list and it kept getting longer. I couldn't figure out why there wasn't anything on my holds list.

I figured it out this morning. I have to "request" the item, I can't just add it to my list and expect to get sent to me at the library (ding dong).


Zoƫ said...

Not to worry, soon you will have more books then you know what to do with:)

d said...

Our FDL library SHARES between the "FOX VALLEY" libraries...and they move books/videos/etc around between them. (upon request)

When i had gone looking for GABALDON audio books. some were "out of commission" or still on tape, etc.

SO - i bought the abridged versions for my IPOD....then DONATED the cds to the library. When i donated them, the gal said, "OH - THESE WILL GO OVER NICELY. SHE'S VERY POPULAR" can find lots of good stuff at the library. AND...if you must have a title in hand....ask them when their BOOK SALE is!